The Last Empire : Nationality and the Soviet Future
席勒散文选: Essays: Friedrich Schiller
The Revolt of the Masses
Unforgiving Years
阿科萨科夫自传体小说: Years of Childhood, A Russian School Boy (两册)
伯尔散文选: Missing Persons and Other Essays
英译本  显克维支小说选: Hania
马尔罗小说:Days of Hope
帕慕克小说: Snow
Einstein's Theory of Relativity
The Penguin Complete: Father Brown
诺贝尔文学奖文库 Nobel Prize Library: Halldor Laxness; Maurice Maeterlinck; Thomas Mann
We Were the Mulvaneys
The Gardener's Year  园丁的一年
Personal Impressions
The Collected Stories of William Trevor
Tristan: With the Tristran of Thomas
The Jaguar Smile : A Nicaraguan Journey
Clandestine In Chile
卡尔维诺作品 《看不见的城市》:Invisible Cities
《撒旦探戈》 Satantango
The Collected Stories
贝科夫小说  His Battalion; Live Until Dawn
马尔罗小说:Picasso's Mask
Journal IV, 1979-1985
奥兹小说:Don't Call It Night
奥兹小说:Panther in the Basement
The Golden Steed: Seven Baltic Plays
Best Short Plays of the World Theatre, 1958-1967
诺贝尔奖得主纳丁•戈迪默小说: Burger's Daughter
Charlotte and Emily Bronte: The Complete Novels
The Discreet Hero
A Room of One's Own
The Harvest of Sorrow : Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine
The Long Walk : The True Story of a Trek to Freedom (漫漫长路:自由之旅的真实故事)
Endgame: The Betrayal and Fall of Srebrenica, Europe's Worst Massacre Since World War II
From Medicine Men to Muhammad
《污秽的夜鸟》The Obscene Bird of Night
The Engineer of Human Souls
Crime and Custom in Savage Society
亨利·特罗亚 《叶卡特琳娜女皇传》Catherine the Great
The Casual Vacancy
A Gushing Fountain
The Correspondence of Boris Pasternak and Olga Freidenberg, 1910-1954
《世界秩序》World Order
H.G. Wells 威尔斯小说六部
Arrian's Life of Alexander the Great
Matthew Arnold's essays in criticism
俄文原版   阿尔布卓夫戏剧选
The Origins of Contemporary France: The Ancient Regime, the Revolution, the Modern Regime : Selected Chapters
Will in the World : How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
The Journey
The Essential Steinbeck : The Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row, Of Mice and Men, and Tortilla Flat
埃梅小说: The Conscience of Love
The French Revolution : Its Causes, Its History and Its Legacy after 200 Years
让·吉奥诺小说 《种树的牧羊人》: The Man Who Planted Trees
The Blind Assassin
《死魂灵》  Chichikov's Journeys; or, Home Life in Old Russia
叔本华散文全集  Complete Essays of Schopenhauer : Seven Books in One Volume
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples since 1900