Electronic Circuits : Discrete And Integrated
资本主义的危机加深:2010-2014年全球经济危机论文集  Capitalism's Crisis Deepens : Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown 2010-2014
现代自行车传:自行车设计的终极历史  Chris Boardman: The Biography Of The Modern Bike: The Ultimate History Of Bike Design
美国电影史:宏大的设计:好莱坞作为一个现代商业企业,1930-1939  History Of The American Cinema: Grand Design: Hollywood As A Modern Business Enterprise, 1930-1939
福克斯:从头开始的魅力  Ed Fox: Glamour From the Ground Up
不平等和分层:种族、阶级和性别  Inequality And Stratification: Race, Class, And Gender
鞋类设计  Footwear Design
近代中国早期的宗教伦理与商业精神  the religious ethic and merchantile spirit in early modern China
如何打败汉弗莱爵士:每位公民对抗官场指南  How To Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide To Fighting Officialdom
论生长于形态  On Growth And Form
难民,公民身份,新美国   Buddha Is Hiding : Refugees, Citizenship, the New America
大屠杀的后代  Granddaughters of the Holocaust: Never Forgetting what they didn't Experience
希望的土地:伟大的美国故事   Land of Hope : An Invitation to the Great American Story
管教帝国:政治、治理和英国海军的崛起  Disciplining the Empire: Politics, Governance, and the Rise of the British Navy
让外交工作:现代世界的智慧创新  Making Diplomacy Work : Intelligent Innovation for the Modern World
外交的未来  The Future of Diplomacy
公共外交:数字时代全球参与的基础  Public Diplomacy : Foundations for Global Engagement in the Digital Age
混乱边缘的援助:在复杂世界中重新思考国际合作  Aid on the Edge of Chaos : Rethinking International Cooperation in a Complex World
生产力与世界秩序:创造历史的社会力量   Production Power and World Order : Social Forces in the Making of History
革命和战争  Revolution and War
《哈姆雷特的磨坊》:人类知识起源及其通过神话传播  Hamlet's Mill : An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmissions Through Myth
冬季战争:1939-40年的俄芬战争   The Winter War : The Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40
走向流动的世界伦理:移民眼中的世界  Toward a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility : The Migrant's-Eye View of the World
普通语言学教程法文版 Cours de linguistique générale Broché
帝国外交的撤退:英国的华南政策,1924-1931年   The Diplomacy of Imperial Retreat: Britain's South China Policy, 1924-1931
英帝国在中国的撤退1900-1931  Britain's Imperial Retreat from China, 1900-1931
理解难以维持的行为变迁:双重过程方法   Understanding Hard to Maintain Behaviour Change : A Dual Process Approach
再次:民俗,意识形态和现代希腊的形成Ours Once More : Folkore, Ideology, and the Making of Modern Greece
土耳其多元文化主义——库尔德人与国家  Multiculturalism in Turkey : The Kurds and the State
后种族还是最种族? :奥巴马时代的种族与政治  Post-Racial or Most-Racial? : Race and Politics in the Obama Era
转危为安 Out Of The Crisis
莫奈 印象派的胜利  Monet. The Triumph of Impressionism
叙利亚-巴勒斯坦和阿拉伯的古代语言  The Ancient Languages of Syria-Palestine and Arabia
大希望时代:美国1945-1974  Grand Expectations : The United States, 1945-1974
光荣的事业:美国革命,1763-1789年  The Glorious Cause : The American Revolution, 1763-1789
上帝所做的事:美国的转变,1815-1848年   What Hath God Wrought : The Transformation of America, 1815-1848
想象的逻辑:元素的扩展  Logic of Imagination : The Expanse of the Elemental
人类世间的生态纠缠  Ecological Entanglements in the Anthropocene
后古典叙事学:方法与分析  Postclassical Narratology : Approaches and Analyses
軍艦武蔵 上・下
戦鑑武蔵建造記録 附属図面共
经典散文 1711-1819  Prose Immortality,
新西兰英语  New Zealand English
超越世俗的西方 Beyond the Secular West
宽容的极限:启蒙价值与宗教狂热  The Limits of Tolerance : Enlightenment Values and Religious Fanaticism
种族与经济学 Race & Economics : How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?
革命的守护者:阿亚图拉时代的伊朗与世界 Guardians of the Revolution : Iran and the World in the Age of the Ayatollahs
被背叛的自由:赫伯特·胡佛的第二次世界大战及其后果的秘密历史 Freedom Betrayed : Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath
务实的强权:在中东赢得冷战  The Pragmatic Superpower : Winning the Cold War in the Middle East
昨天的世界  The World of Yesterday
图像的暴力:摄影与国际冲突  The Violence of the Image : Photography and International Conflict
伟大的书  Great Books
大城市地图:通过地图,平面图和绘画的历史之旅 Great City Maps : A Historical Journey Through Maps, Plans, and Paintings
欧洲改革  The European Reformations
打破框架:漫画研究中的民粹主义和声望  Breaking the Frames : Populism and Prestige in Comics Studies
古埃及艺术的比例和风格 Proportion and Style in Ancient Egyptian Art
戏剧性的想象力:对戏剧艺术的反思与思考,重新发行 The Dramatic Imagination : Reflections and Speculations on the Art of the Theatre, Reissue
从乐谱到舞台:大陆歌剧制作和演出的历史插图 From the Score to the Stage : An Illustrated History of Continental Opera Production and Staging
制作场景:欧美舞台设计和技术的历史  Making the Scene : A History of Stage Design and Technology in Europe and the United States