The Last Yugoslav Generation : The Rethinking of Youth Politics and Cultures in Late Socialism
儿童性剥削:交流、虐待与年轻人  Making Sense of Child Sexual Exploitation : Exchange, Abuse and Young People
新的社会流动性:政客如何弄错了  The New Social Mobility : How the Politicians Got It Wrong
经济的人性化:资本时代的合作社   Humanizing the Economy : Co-operatives in the Age of Capital
工人合作社与革命:美国的历史与可能性  Worker Cooperatives and Revolution : History and Possibilities in the United States
携手对抗资本主义:挑战新自由主义经济  Cooperatives Confront Capitalism : Challenging the Neoliberal Economy
政治追求:18世纪法国的教育与革命  In Pursuit of Politics : Education and Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France
特权、权力和区别  Privilege, Power, and Difference  3rd edition
欧洲中世纪种族的发明  The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages
小毛奇和一战的起源  Helmuth von Moltke and the Origins of the First World War
欧洲帝国的精英和思想,1917-1957  European Elites and Ideas of Empire, 1917-1957
竞争力和知识:传统企业的国际比较   Competitiveness and Knowledge : An International Comparison of Traditional Firms
全球数字媒体与政治参与的比较研究 Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide : A Comparative Study
媒体集中与民主:为什么所有权很重要  Media Concentration and Democracy : Why Ownership Matters
超越西方世界的媒体系统比较研究  Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western World
欧洲公共领域的建立:媒体话语与政治争论  The Making of a European Public Sphere : Media Discourse and Political Contention
公民希望:普通美国人是如何保持民主  Civic Hope:How Ordinary Americans Keep Democracy Alive
宗教的语言:过去和现在 The Language of Religion, Past and Present
历史理论:跨越人文的历史  Theories of History : History Read across the Humanities
第一次世界大战的英国战舰  British Battleships of World War One
中非和西部非洲的蛇   Snakes of Central and Western Africa
非洲的性别,抗议与政治变革  Gender, Protests and Political Change in Africa
俄国士兵vs日本士兵:满洲1904-05  Russian Soldier vs Japanese Soldier : Manchuria 1904-05
德国装甲兵与美国装甲步兵:1944年欧洲战区  Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman : European Theater of Operations 1944
抗议与群众动员:北非的专制崩溃与政治变革  Protest and Mass Mobilization : Authoritarian Collapse and Political Change in North Africa
重整世界:关于自由主义和帝国  Reordering the World : Essays on Liberalism and Empire
大不列颠的思想:帝国与世界秩序的未来,1860-1900年  The Idea of Greater Britain : Empire and the Future of World Order, 1860-1900
20世纪德国的公民身份与民族认同  Citizenship and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Germany
竞赛历史:公共历史叙事  Contesting History : Narratives of Public History
英国民族主义  English Nationalism : A Short History
帝国的历史战争:对大英帝国的争论  The Imperial History Wars : Debating the British Empire
北非与欧洲的制造:治理,制度与文化  North Africa and the Making of Europe : Governance, Institutions and Culture
新保守主义者:英国保守派反对民主与政治现代性的起义(1929-1939)  Neo-Tories : The Revolt of British Conservatives against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929-1939)
语言帝国主义    Linguistic Imperialism
语言帝国主义延续  Linguistic Imperialism Continued
教育与民族政治:捍卫伊拉克的身份  Education and Ethno-Politics : Defending Identity in Iraq
可见身份:种族,性别和自我  Visible Identities : Race, Gender, and the Self
阿拉伯联合酋长国的民族主义与民族主义  Nationalism and Nationhood in the United Arab Emirates
法国帝国民族国家:两次世界大战之间的奴隶制和殖民地人道主义  The French Imperial Nation-state : Negritude and Colonial Humanism Between the Two World Wars
帝国与民族之间的公民身份:重塑法国和法属非洲,1945-1960年    Citizenship between Empire and Nation : Remaking France and French Africa, 1945-1960
巴黎妇女如何在纳粹占领下生活、爱护和死亡  Les Parisiennes : Resistance, Collaboration, and the Women of Paris Under Nazi Occupation
精英陷阱  The Meritocracy Trap
成功悖论:为什么我们需要社会流动整体论  The Success Paradox : Why We Need a Holistic Theory of Social Mobility
下一次美国革命:二十一世纪的可持续行动主义   The Next American Revolution : Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century
美国和英国的工作与福利  Reconstructing Retirement : Work and Welfare in the UK and USA
为什么底特律重要:分裂城市的衰落、振兴与希望  Why Detroit Matters : Decline, Renewal and Hope in a Divided City
有些语言比其他语言好吗?  Are Some Languages Better than Others?
自由主义者如何建立美国监狱   The First Civil Right : How Liberals Built Prison America
第二次世界大战的英国军帽徽章  British Army Cap Badges of the Second World War
铁路帝国:英国人如何向世界铁路  Railway Empire : How the British Gave Railways to the World
二战中英国军队的供应  Supplying the British Army in the Second World War
一战西线的铁路  Allied Railways of the Western Front - Narrow Gauge in the Somme Sector : Before, During and After the First World War
一战中英军的运输  Supplying the British Army in the First World War
第一次世界大战的英国陆军徽章 British Army Cap Badges of the First World War
欧亚战争方式:七世纪中国与拜占庭的军事实践   The Eurasian Way of War : Military Practice in Seventh-Century China and Byzantium
走私的国度:非法贸易如何成就了美国?  Smuggler Nation : How Illicit Trade Made America
美国公司在游说:公司如何被政治化   The Business of America is Lobbying : How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became More Corporate
战争的魅力: 论战争的输赢  The Allure of Battle : A History of How Wars Have Been Won and Lost
向钱看齐: 基金会的资金是如何改变公共学校政治的  Follow the Money : How Foundation Dollars Change Public School Politics
现代社会解决问题的能力-管理挑战与行政能力  The Problem-solving Capacity of the Modern State : Governance Challenges and Administrative Capacities